Thank you for your interest in Electrostatic disinfecting service. 

L&R Cleaning Services LLC is offering a more advanced process of disinfecting at all of our current customers buildings. We are available to other industries and buildings also.
 Besides providing general disinfecting of high touch points using the current method, L&R is now offering a service to our accounts and the process is called Electrostatic Disinfecting. This is a much more thorough process and has much higher kill rates as traditional disinfecting. This process is also more efficient than the traditional method of disinfecting.

This process is CDC recommended using only EPA certified disinfectants, and sanitizers to kill viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens in as little as 1-4 minutes after application. This is one of the preferred methods of protecting surfaces and has lasting residual antimicrobial protection on No Contact surfaces for up to 3 months. We currently use only organic disinfectants, The SDS sheet is available to view.

Hospitals, schools, and day cares, and large facilities, tenant buildings all use this process. The very first step of disinfecting starts with a clean surface to be disinfected. Generally disinfecting is completed after cleaning of all surfaces. Ideally to be done weekly after a detail cleaning. This ensures the highest degree of coverage.

This service is available for any degree of frequency needed per building use. The cost for this service has been researched, but the costs will be decided by the companies deciding factors to include but not limited to: the amount of employees in the building daily, visitors, tenants, customers and to what degree of disinfection is needed and how often or the frequency of disinfecting that needs to be done. Would we be on call, recurring or one time?

This process will disinfect all office space that is currently being serviced. Including, bathrooms, lunchrooms, kitchens, stairwells, entrances, conference rooms, and cubicle areas. If you would require less frequency in certain areas for disinfecting, we can discuss further. 
The primary goal of this process is to ensure the highest levels of disinfection are being done on a consistent basis, thus adding another layer or degree of safety precautions set in place to help mitigate the spread of any viruses and bacteria at a customer’s location. Keeping everyone as safe as possible.

The type and amount of disinfection will determine the overall effectiveness and the ability in keeping companies and buildings employees, visitors, and tenants safe and healthy now and in the future. 

As many companies have ramped up starting a new way of operating, please know that L&R Cleaning Services, LLC is here to work with all of our customers to help them remain viable for the future to come.

Disinfection Services

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